Frequently Asked Questions

About GoChat

What devices does GoChat support?

We support all Smartphones that meet the following requirements:
- Android running Android 5.0 and above.
- iPhone running iOS 12 and above.
- Your phone is able to receive SMS during the verification process.
You will also need a data plan in order to receive messages when outside the range of a Wi-Fi network.

Which country/region is GoChat available in?

GoChat is globally available in all countries/regions.

How to create a GoChat account?

Make sure you use an active phone number to create a GoChat account.
An SMS will be delivered to your phone.
The SMS will contain a 6-digit verification code.
The verification code is unique to your account.
Do not guess the verification code.

Will my GoChat account work on multiple phones or with multiple numbers?

GoChat verifies your account on only one device and one number at a time. If your device is dual-SIM, you need to select the number to use with GoChat

Troubleshooting GoChat

Contacts management

GoChat will ask permission to access your device address book so you can see your contacts who also use GoChat

Displaying contacts correctly:

  1. Make sure that your contacts have active GoChat accounts
  2. Save the contact details in your device address book with proper formats
  3. Where possible, use the use the full international format: + [country/region code] [full phone number].
  4. Remove any leading zero or special calling codes.
  5. Ensure you accept the GoChat contact permission request (or go to your device settings and enable it)
  6. If your device address book allows, ensure that all accounts and groups are set to "visible" or "viewable".

Blocking Contacts

Blocking contacts will prevent you from receiving calls or messages from them:

  1. Blocking Contacts: go to Profile -> Settings -> Account ->Privacy
  2. To un-block, follow the same flow and select the contact to un-block

Note: A blocked contact will still show in your address book.

Receiving or Sending Messages

If you have a bad internet connection, you will not receive GoChat messages

In addition, if you still have issues, check the following:

  1. The contact you are messaging has not blocked your number.
  2. Your GoChat account registration is complete.

Message Timestamps

If you notice that timestamp on your received messages are incorrect:

  1. Check the time settings on your phone and set it to automatic or network provided.
  2. If you need to set it manually, Make sure you select the correct time zone for your location.

Notifications not working

If you are not receiving notifications for incoming messages or calls on GoChat, please check the following:

1. Check and ensure Make sure your device is connected to the Internet

2. Make sure notifications are enabled. You can check that out by going to Profile -> Settings -> Notifications.

3. Make sure you are using the latest app version.

If you still have the issue after the above steps, try the actions below:

1. For iOS users: force quit the GoChat app

2. For Android: Check that your device has no functions (like task killers) that are interfering with GoChat.

Audio & Video Quality Issues

The major reason for audio or video quality issues is the performance of your internet connection. If you notice any issues with your call quality, make you connect to a stable internet connection.

Managing your account

Changing My Number

Use the Switch Number in Profile -> Settings -> Account -> Switch Number:

  1. Make sure your new phone number can receive SMS and has an active data connection.
  2. Make sure your old phone number is currently verified.

Note: When you change your number, all your Contacts, Chat Groups and Personal Information will be linked to the new number and you will lose message history.

I Lost My Phone

To recover your account in case your device is lost or stolen:

  1. Sign-in to GoChat with your number on your new device. You will receive the OTP SMS and verify your number.
  2. Once you login, your account on the lost/stolen device will be automatically logged out.

Note: If your device was stolen, do the following immediately:

  1. Lock your SIM Card by calling your mobile provider as soon as possible
  2. You need your new SIM Card to log back in to your account

*Check if your network operator requires you to have a Calling Plan to make Voice and Video Calls.

What is GoChat GPT?

This is a conversational AI built on GPT 3.5 that can help you to answer your questions and much more. Please note that when you use this feature you are interacting with an AI system which is designed to generate information human-like text responses based on the given input and on a range of topics up until 2021.

However, you should always independently check and verify answers provided before relying on any advice as it may sometimes generate incorrect or nonsensical responses, and you should not share confidential or sensitive information.

Do I need to register to use GoChat GPT?

No. All current users of the GoChat Messenger app will be able to use the feature.

Is there a limit to use GoChat GPT?

-The daily limit is 5 interactions per user. Once this limit is reached, the feature will not be available until the following day.
-May occasionally generate incorrect information
-Occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content

Can I see a history of my interactions?

Yes. You can view your past conversations.

How long are my interactions stored?

All the content is stored on your device until you delete it or uninstall the app.

What should I not use GoChat GPT for?

a. Please don't use this feature to create content that violates the Terms and Conditions of GoChat Messenger.
b. Personal data shared or inserted using GoChat GPT will be done on a voluntary basis
c. Our Terms and Conditions prohibit the creation of content that is harmful, illegal, or offensive. This includes content that is hateful, violent, discriminatory, or sexually explicit. We also prohibit the creation of content that is false or misleading.

Please also don't share any confidential or sensitive information with this feature. For more information about Terms & Privacy Policy, please visit:

Please contact us for any comments,issues and inquiries: