GoChat Coins

How does GoChat Coins work?

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Earn coins for using the app, like registering, logging in daily, making calls, and referring friends. Redeem earned coins for different prizes and benefits.

Earn Coins by Open the app daily, Invite friends or Make calls

Yes, there will be a daily limit for the number of coins that you can earn each day, visit the coins section to keep track of the counter. The counter will reset every day at midnight UAE time so you can collect again!

To redeem your collected Coins, simply go to the Coins section in the app and select from a variety of available benefits.

Yes, each prize comes with its own set of terms and conditions regarding how often it can be redeemed within a specified period. Additionally, sufficient coins are required to redeem the desired prize. 

Yes, earned coins will expire in 6 months and cannot be extended. Please check the coins main section to keep track of your coins

Reach out to GoChat support at support@gochatapp.net for any issues or inquiries.